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Novi Sad 4 YOUTH

Through the project ‘Novi Sad for Youth’ we shall improve the offer of youth tourism of the city of Novi Sad and brand it as a youth destination under the slogan ‘Novi Sad – the city of youth’ and in doing so we shall raise the number of young tourists in Novi Sad up until 2020.

One of the most important objectives is not only the networking of the participants in tourism industry, which in its offer has programmesmost appealing to young people, but the capacity building of the associations of young people and the associations for young people which are involved in the tourism for the young people, as well as their members.

As a result of the networking and capacity building a package of tourist products will be created under the name ‘Novi Sad for young people’ upon which the making of a specialized map for young people and promotional materials will follow, to be distributed aimed at the target group- the young people from Europe via the web site as well as the digital marketing and tourist fairs and festivals.

During 2019 we will be training specialized tour guides for ‘the Novi Sad for young people’ offers and carrying out  the programmes during the whole 2019 and 2020 with the continual work on promotion and branding of Novi Sad as a city of the young people.