Opens 2019
We are the European Youth Capital 2019!

Novi Sad is the centre of young Europe! The capital of the young people for a year! Therefore, both the city and young people have the opportunity for cultural, social, economic and other development, and OPENS is there to take care that that actually happens.

The Youth Capital of Europe

The title of The Youth Capital of Europe,which the City of Novi Sad has been awarded for the year 2019 is the title which is borne by the entire city , yet it belongs to all its citizens aged 15 to 30. OPENS, The Youth Capital of Europe Novi Sad is the Federation of Associations which is here to carry out the programmetogether with its partners based on which Novi Sad is the holder of this much sought after title.

OPENS2019 , by way of a public bid, has selected 42 organizations carrying out programme activities from the applications based on which Novi Sad has gained its status of the Youth Capital of Europe 2019. Only in 2018  have these activities got  75000 young people involved therein whereas in three years more than half a million young people from the whole Europe will get to be involved in the programmes

OPENS , as a Federation , was founded in 2016, after Novi Sad first time put forth their formal application ( the City got through among the first five cities , but it did not gain the title of the Youth Capital of Europe in 2018) and it lost its title to Kashkaish, the youth organization for young people in Novi Sad got together and decided to support the city once more  to apply for the Youth Capital title , yet under different conditions.

The city will be the holder of the title but it will equally belong to the youth sector too.  Six organizations from Novi Sad (the Student Association of the Medical Faculty, JAZAS youth of Novi Sad, Centre for Youth Work, Balkan Idea of Novi Sad, Engineers of Environmental Protection, Kulturanova) have in so doing become the founders of the Federation of OPENS, which even to date reports to the General Assembly. The organizations aforesaid became the founders based on the criteria put forth by Informal Forum of Youth Organizations of Novi Sad.