Serbia for youth

there is more than you think you know


is an organization with an accent on development of youth travel in Serbia. The main idea is to present destinations of Serbia in a new and creative way, to recreate touristic products and to offer to young people in order to encourage more frequent travel in Serbia. Therefore development of incoming tourism with the target group – youth.

Our Mision

Vision – is recognizing destinations of Serbia as attractive for youth travel in the region and the world.

Mission – refreshing promotion and development of destinations in Serbia by creating new and innovative, “cool“ products which will provide absolutely authentic and unique experience of Serbia.


  • Promotion and development of youth tourism and youth travelling in Serbia
  • Reviving of destinations in Serbia and adapting to young people
  • Entertainment, education and integration of young in the country, region and beyond
  • Encouraging young people to take action, to volunteer
  • Promotion of tolerance, social and environmental responsibility